Hi there,

My name is Rowan, and I am a Journalism student at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am a self-proclaimed dreamer, and am passionate about music and writing.

I love thinking about what the future holds, and making lists of all the things I hope to achieve. Someday I will travel the world. But for now, I'll daydream about faraway places I hope to visit, and the people I hope to meet.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope we will meet again soon!

Sincerely, Rowan

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Three Bloggers Whose Homes I Love

One of my goals this year is to bring blogging back. With the rise of Instagram I’ve watched as my favourite bloggers have quietly abandoned their blogs in favour of micro-blogging on Instagram. Now, I love reading long captions on…


2020 Intentions.

Happy (very belated) New Year! I’m quite late with my round-up of intentions for the new year and also very unbothered with my chosen timing for publishing them. If I’ve learned anything about my relationship with blogging it’s that forcing…


A Birthday Card For Everyone

Do you remember the last time you sent a birthday card in the mail? Or even, the last time you actually received a birthday card in the mail? I am the queen of birthdays. I love showering my friends and…

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A Look Into My Vintage Collection

Looking around my home, my favourite pieces are the ones I’ve picked up at antique shops and thrift stores. My vintage collection has expanded over the years but it wasn’t until this week that I really took a look at…


August Goals.

Another flip of the calendar! Everyone I meet is surprised that July flew by so quickly and I have the sneaking suspicion that August will be just the same. Here are a few things I hope to accomplish this month!…


Five Things I Always Buy At The Thrift Store

We all have those items we naturally gravitate to while out shopping. If I’m clothes shopping you’ll always find me by the white T’s; at the grocery store there’s a pretty great chance that I’m either by the fresh flowers…


Rental Refresh: Sparking Joy with a Pink Door

When you first move into a new space, there’s always a long to-do list of changes that are necessary and maybe a few lingering ideas that are just for fun. Painting every single room? Definitely a necessity. Tearing down the…


Colour Inspiration in Lisbon, Portugal

I fell completely in love with Lisbon staring out the window of our taxi as we wove through the city to our rented apartment. As my family chattered excitedly around me about the warm weather and the sights, I kept…


July Goals.

I’m an incredibly talented list writer. Give me something to write into bullet points and I will have my favourite stationery and Muji pen at the ready before you can blink an eye. But actually completing all the tasks on…


Meet Westley

We have a new family member! This is our new little 12-week old potcake puppy, Westley. Now that the shock of owning a puppy has worn off a little bit, I’m finally in a place to sit down and think…


‘You’re invited’ with Paperless Post

One of my favourite ways to show the people I love that I’m thinking about them is by sending a little note or letter in the mail. I love dropping the letters off in a post box knowing a loved…

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