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My name is Rowan and I'm a Freelance Content Specialist and Interior Decorator from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sincerely, Rowan is the place where my worlds collide. I drink a lot of tea.

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Athens, Greece

The narrow residential streets of Athens are lined with apartment buildings; the balconies covered in hanging laundry and overflowing urban gardens. During the day, the city seems to buzz with the noise of endless motorcycles and cars, only to be…


Six Ways to Enjoy a Long Flight

We had a couple of great days in Athens, but now it’s time to board a plane and move onto our next destination: Santorini! As cliche as it might sound, I’ve been wanting to go to Santorini ever since I…


My Top Ten Travel Essentials

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. It feels like I just booked my flight and now we’re waiting at our gate! If I’m being honest, I’m actually pretty nervous about the trip. I’m not the kind of…


How to Pack Two Months in a Carry On

Whether you’re going away for a weekend or a whole week, packing can be really stressful. For the past few months, I’ve been trying to find the best way to pack for our trip to Europe. Originally, I wanted to…


How my journalism degree made me a better blogger

I started Sincerely, Rowan almost four years ago because I was feeling overwhelmed after my first year of university and thought blogging would be a good way to practice my writing. I’d spent a year trying to find a balance between writing lengthy…


When in doubt, t r a v e l

Life is moving full-speed ahead at the moment. My final classes are behind me, and graduation is a week away… but I’m still so mentally exhausted from the year that I haven’t even had a chance to step back and…


It’s official — I’m Obsessed with Wallpaper

I’m currently sitting in Lucky Penny — one of the many adorable cafes in Halifax. I’ve been seeing this place all over Instagram lately, and because it was dreary outside and I’m in desperate need of some inspiration I thought…


Out with the old, in with the new

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday after the difficult year we just had. In my personal life, 2016 was an okay year. It definitely wasn’t one for the books, but it did make me…


Welcome to my office (nook)

I’m very excited to finally show you my little office nook! One of the reasons why I liked this apartment was because of the little space off of the living room. I took one look and decided that it would be the…


Fall, Friends and Flower Fields

Yesterday was a day I’ll remember for years to come. Just thinking about it is making me smile! It was the perfect beginning to the fall season, and a lovely break from the city and our ever-growing workload (#fourthyearproblems). In the summer…


#Trending: Fall Decor

I love fall just as much as the rest of the world does, but I must admit: I’m not keen on fall decor. At the end of August many stores begin to fill their shelves with decor pieces like leaf…


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