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My name is Rowan and I'm a Freelance Content Specialist and Interior Decorator from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sincerely, Rowan is the place where my worlds collide. I drink a lot of tea.

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Five Ways to Prepare your Home for Fall

Summer will be officially over in a week! Which means it’s time to prepare your home for fall. If you’re like me, you’re ready to bring out the cozy throw blankets and settle in for your annual Gilmore Girls marathon.…


Five Questions To Ask Before You Decorate

You move into a new apartment or home and suddenly the sky is the limit! You can’t wait to jump on Pinterest and get out your credit card — it’s time to make your new home insta-worthy! This is where…


How to Design Your Home for the Five Senses

We start learning about the five senses when we are little kids. We play games in class to help us discover our senses and how they inform us about the world around us. Our five senses are crucial in our…


The Five Principles of Holistic Interior Design

We covered the basics of holistic interior design in my last blog post, and today we are talking about the principles of holistic interior design. The five principles we’re going to talk about today are based on the five things…


What is Holistic Interior Design?

Interior design has always been determined by how a space looks and functions. But what if we took it one step further and focused on how a space feels? This is the practice of holistic interior design. When someone buys…


Our Kitchen “Renovation” Mood Board

We decided the kitchen “renovation” would be our very first major project in the house because we knew it would be quite time-consuming. I say “renovation” in quotation marks because we’re not ripping anything out and all the cabinets, appliances…


How I Created my Mood Board for our New Home

We’ve announced the new house, talked about all of the projects we want to do and now it’s time to talk about my favourite part: creating the mood board! As soon as I saw the listing for this house in…


Our Game Plan for the New House

Now that we’re officially moved into our new house, it’s time to tackle projects that will make this house feel like home. It will come as no surprise to hear my brain is full of ideas for this home. Which,…


2020 Intentions

Happy (very belated) New Year! I’m quite late with my round-up of intentions for the new year and also very unbothered with my chosen timing for publishing them. If I’ve learned anything about my relationship with blogging it’s that forcing…


A Birthday Card For Everyone

Do you remember the last time you sent a birthday card in the mail? Or even, the last time you actually received a birthday card in the mail? I am the queen of birthdays. I love showering my friends and…


A Look Into My Vintage Collection

Looking around my home, my favourite pieces are the ones I’ve picked up at antique shops and thrift stores. My vintage collection has expanded over the years but it wasn’t until this week that I really took a look at…


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