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In my last post, I talked about elevating your IKEA furniture to create a space that reflects my style. But today, I wanted to talk accents! You’ve finally invested in most of the furniture pieces you need to function; it’s time to move on to my favourite part.

Aside from Home Sense, my favourite place to buy little homeware pieces is H&M Home. They have really nice soft furnishings and quirky little decor pieces to add personality to your space. Their prices are reasonable and all the items seem to be made to last. Basically, it’s the perfect place to stock up on those special items that will complete your look.

I want to be careful when buying decor pieces because I want them to work year-round and I’m looking for pieces that will add new textures to the room. We need a chunky blanket, some more natural fiber baskets and more plant pots for our growing collection of green friends. Lucky for me, H&M seems to have all those categories covered!

My Favourites


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It’s safe to say that I’m not over gold accents just yet! I love adding a bit of brass for a texture for a bit of vintage charm to my modern apartment.

I’m still looking for some pillows to match the pretty striped ones I got from Home Sense when we moved in, and I’m thinking that I want to go with some velvet ones from H&M Home. I just can’t decide what colour to go for.  If you guys have any boyfriend-friendly suggestions for pretty pillows let me know!

What are your favourite decor items?




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