A Look Into My Vintage Collection

vintage collection

Looking around my home, my favourite pieces are the ones I’ve picked up at antique shops and thrift stores. My vintage collection has expanded over the years but it wasn’t until this week that I really took a look at everything I’ve put together over the years.

As it turns out, I have enough stuff to open a small antique shop!

vintage collection
vintage collection

I’ve already written a full blog post on the items I always pick up at the thrift store but I thought I’d give you a look into most of the pieces I’ve collected over the last five years or so. And yes, I did say some. Most of my glassware, books, plates and serving dishes had to be excluded! I just couldn’t fit everything on my shelves.

This vintage collection is the heart of my home. The pieces add personality and a bit of history to a home I’ve only lived in for a year. I’m pretty sure every surface is decorated with a second-hand piece or two. I think the quirkiness of the objects — their imperfections and marks — make my experience in my home even richer.

vintage collection

Not only do these pieces bring me joy and fill my home with stories, but they also save my wallet! It’s no secret to anyone that decorating a home is an expensive project. It’s something I’ve had to do almost every single year since high school and the only way I’ve managed it is by shopping thrift or vintage.

I’m sure my vintage collection will continue to grow as I continue to make this space my home — in fact, I actually went thrifting this weekend and picked some pieces up at Value Village! If you want to see my full thrift haul, check out my Instagram. I have a dedicated ‘thrifting’ highlight that I want to try and update as frequently as possible.

And who knows. Maybe I will own a little shop one day!

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