A Little Piece of Family History

A Little Piece of Family History
While I was staying with my Grandparents a few weekends ago, they brought out this gorgeous old Smith-Corona typewriter that belonged to my Great-Grandfather John.

My Dad and I played around with it while my Grandma tried to remember exactly how to use it. I was enthralled. My Grandma couldn’t believe how excited I was by it considering how high tech and portable my Macbook pro is, but I explained to her that nothing could touch the charm of an old typewriter.
They told stories about how my Great-Grandfather had purchased the typewriter for his medical practice back in England. He used to use it to type out prescriptions and other secretarial things in his office. At some point, he passed it along to my Grandpa and they have had it ever since.
My Dad remembers seeing the typewriter in my Grandpa’s study, and says he used to make my Grandma type out all his high school essays on it. Why doesn’t this surprise me?
Although a quite old, the typewriter still works perfectly. Even the ribbon, which admittedly is a little dry, still works fairly well! I’m pretty terrible at typing on it because I am so used to the light touch of my laptop, but I’m definitely getting better. I’m hoping to use it to write letters to people! I’m sure my Grandparents would love it if I sent them a card or a letter in the mail that I typed out on the typewriter.
Originally bought in England, I love how the typewriter has a British pound (₤) sign! It’s little details like this one that makes me love it even more.
When my Grandma said that I could keep the typewriter, I couldn’t believe my ears! I have wanted one forever and was so close to buying one at Aberfoyle last year. The fact that this typewriter has been in my family for so long means so much to me. I know I will cherish it for years.
Do you possess any treasured family heirlooms?
Sincerely, Rowan

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