A Blogging Failure


I have been planning this move for months. We originally thought we’d be moving in May, which means I started to think about moving in January… AKA 9 months ago. You’d think that 9 months would be enough time for me to think about having all the necessary equipment lined up so that my blog posts about moving could be as professional and helpful as possible. But apparently not!

Today my blogging calendar kindly reminded me that today is the day I’m supposed to publish my empty house tour. Well my friends… The empty house tour is not happening.

When we drove up to the house on Tuesday afternoon, I walked in full of purpose with my camera in hand. Memory card? Check! Full battery? Check! Excited vlogging voice? Check!

With a full truck load of stuff waiting downstairs for me, I quickly filmed a short tour of our new one-bedroom apartment, closed the camera and went on my way.

But as I watched the footage back earlier today, I realized that I’d forgotten some key information. Number 1 being that my current DSLR is not great at filming video when I’m moving around a ton which means I need a stabilizer, and number 2… I don’t have a stabilizer.

The footage I took ended up being extremely shaky because I was paying more attention to what I was saying instead of filming, and the camera spends the whole time trying to focus (therefore drowning out my voice). This combination somehow makes it look like there was a strobe light on in my house (this is not the case, although that would have been fun) while I was filming because the camera lighting goes from dark to light every few seconds.

Long story short, no one will want to see the footage I captured.

Months of planning a blogging schedule for the first few weeks of the move and picturing my empty house tour in my head have all vanished in a puff of smoke leaving a faint smell of failure in it’s wake.

There will be tons of content coming regarding my new move. It’s all I can think about! We’re already pretty settled in and I’m feeling great about the space. But, more on that later.

For now, I’m going to hang my head in shame and end this short ramble. I’ve learned my lesson.

Sincerely, Rowan

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