Five Ways to Freshen Up for Spring


The weather in Halifax is finally starting to warm up! Today was so lovely that myself and Adam walked around Point Pleasant Park for over an hour to enjoy the sunny weather. Is it too early to say that spring is here?

For most people, this time of year means scouring every inch of their home to freshen up. But for me, cleaning just doesn’t cut it! I like to spend some time redecorating a little bit to make my home feel fresh and ready for the warmer months.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to have a complete makeover — unless of course, you want to do that in which case go ahead (and send me pictures) — this just means adding a few spring touches to welcome the warm weather into your home.

When asked me to come up with a few tips on how to freshen up for spring, I jumped at the chance! So here they are — you won’t even have to get out your trusty Swiffer.


Play with colour

Every time I walk into homeware stores I’m bombarded with pastel colours for spring. Personally, I love a little bit of pink, but if pastels aren’t your style and you still want to incorporate colour, try going for a muted colour scheme. These shades tone down the candy shop vibe but still introduce those spring shades that you might find outside in your garden. Give these colours a go if you’d like to add something springy to your trendy minimalist decor — because if you ask me, blush is pretty much a neutral at this point.

Rejuvinate with artwork

In the fall, I switched out all the art in my house for monochrome pictures and paintings to create a neutral colour scheme that would complement the warm textures I brought into my home. But in the springtime, I find that I crave a little more than black and white. The two prints I picked from Wayfair are great examples because they bring a touch of colour and whimsy to your walls without going crazy with bold tones.

Switching out your artwork will bring life to your walls and might even inspire your creative side. Check out Pinterest for some easy DIY artwork ideas that won’t hurt your wallet.

Bring the outside in

I love having fresh flowers at all times in my house, but in the spring the selection is so much better! My favourite sign of spring is when tulips start showing up everywhere. They’re my absolute favourite and I love the colour choice. Grab a cheap bouquet from the grocery store and make a full arrangement using a pretty vase, or find a couple glass bottles to display a single flower and scatter them all over your house. Little touches like this will make you smile, and a cheap bouquet goes a long way.

Swap out soft furnishings

Changing out throw blankets and pillows is also a great way to complete your colour scheme of choice because it’s such an inexpensive way to enhance a room! There are SO many options to choose from, so have fun playing with colours, textures, patterns. I love the way these fuzzy pillows from bring in that blush colour that works for spring but also have a cozy element to help transition from winter.

Create a personalized spring scent

I’m definitely a candle lover, but buying freshly scented candles seemed far too easy as a tip! Instead, why not try creating your own stovetop aromas like the one I made in the fall using citrus fruits like lemon or grapefruit? Simply cut up your fruit of choice, and add to boiling water on the stove with a touch of vanilla, lavender essential oil, and fresh flower petals. Leave to simmer, and don’t forget to top up the water every so often!


Those are just a few little ideas on how you can freshen up your space for the warmer months. If you have any tips, write them down in the comments!



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  1. April 25, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    Love these tips, Rowan! We’re currently doing a spring clean and getting rid of tons of old stuff we have lying around. Next step is a bit of redecorating!

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