Five Ways to Overcome a Bad Day

Five Ways to Overcome a Bad Day

Guess where I am right now!….. If you guessed that I am sitting on a pile of pillows in a blanket fort you would be correct! Today was a little rough, but sometimes indulging a bit and getting silly is the best way to lift my spirits. Nothing dramatically life-changing happened, and I didn’t receive bad news or anything but I was still feeling under the weather and a little bit moody (okay lot moody…).

Although my current predicament has been happening once a month for about 8 years (if you catch my drift), there are many many reasons why one may be having a bad day. Once I accepted that I was feeling off and needed a break for the day, I started to feel a little bit better. Here are some of the things I did to keep myself feeling human.

01 | Take a relaxing bath

Halfway through the morning, I decided to take a long hot bath to relieve the aches in my lower back and abdomen. After filling the bath with hot water, I added a couple generous handfuls of Epsom salts, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. I also decided to open the window a crack to let in some fresh air. Next, I put on my favourite podcast “Ladies who Lunch” by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes and enjoyed being completely submerged in the bath with the fresh breeze on my face and the soft smell of lavender filling the air around me… Ahhhhh

02 | Tea

A very important step in project make-a-bad-day-good-again! I had many a cuppa to keep myself cozy. My favourites are Moroccan Mint, any sort of chamomile, and a peach and ginger tea I always buy from the PC brand in Canada. I always try to stay away from black tea on days like this so that I don’t add anything extra to my tea and keep my sugar intake to a minimum.

03 | Comfy clothes

I have this pair of ugly grey sweatpants from Gap that we like to call my elephant pants because they tend to bunch up at my ankles (short people problems). They are so soft and stretchy and I love wearing them whenever I get the chance! I put them on straight away in the morning with my UKC sweatshirt and my favourite socks and spent the day lounging on the couch watching Scandal with Adam.

04 | Unplug

I’m not saying all day, but at least for a little while to let your mind wander. Be creative! Take this time to do something you never have time to do. Read a book, or go through the stack of newspapers and magazines you’ve been meaning to read. Find a colouring book or sketch. Write in a journal to explore why you’re having a bad day and rant a little bit to yourself. Write without a topic in mind, or even without anything to say. Get whatever bad feelings you have off your chest and allow yourself to feel free and at peace with yourself for a moment or two. Even if you aren’t at peace with what is going on in your life, give yourself a chance to be at peace with the fact that you are not okay at that moment. We all need a break sometimes. You will be okay.

05 | Build a blanket fort

This is my favourite step. Gather all things cozy from your home and make a pile. Then grab whatever supports you can… be it a couple chairs, a table or even a spare curtain rod and a tripod like I did and spend an hour or so arranging blankets to form a tent complete with every pillow you own and fairy lights. Put on some music, spray some DIY lavender room spray and bring your cup of warm tea inside with you. Look around and admire your handiwork! If you need some inspiration, I’ve got you covered. Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to beautiful bohemian nooks!

If you’re having a bad day, remember you’re not alone. We all have bad days once in a while! If you feel like this is something deeper than simply an off day please talk to someone you trust like a friend, relative, teacher or therapist. Your emotions are valid and important and should not be overlooked.

I hope these 5 little things helped bring some light back into your day! I know I’m feeling a little bit better than I did this morning, and I’m excited to get a good night’s rest tonight.



  1. Angie
    June 6, 2016 / 2:09 pm

    Loved your blog post, ” 5 Ways to Survive a Bady Day.” Like you, I’ve found a few ways for dealing with those days of the month too. Yours are wonderfully imaginative, and creative.

    Your photo of the illuminated tent was missing one thing, i.e., some alternating “red and clear lights” under the sheets. Why? Well, to simulate a true “Red Tent LOL 🙂 Also wanted to share my 5 Ways surviving my bad days…

    First, like you, my mantra for “those PMS days” is to enjoy being a women with “Pass My Sweats!”

    Secondly, I put on my red lipstick and makeup and under my sweats, I love to embrace my femininity putting on red, sensual VS lingerie while losing the plug in favor of launching pads.

    Third, a lovely cup of “Constant Comment” tea with a faint smell of oranges sets me in a relaxed mood.

    Fourth, I close my eyes, and dream about being Alma Whitaker, living in Victorian England as a botanist, working and studying humble plants, i.e., modest moist moss in the “Signature of All Things.” Working in the forest behind the house, I dream of make astonishing insights about the moss and self-discovery about my own sensual yearnings.

    Fifth, like Alma, I find a subtle desire to visit the binding closet and my quim while always being just a bit “prim” in the darkness.

    I’m both glad and sad for these days each month to depart. However, I’m truly happy for their arrival each month reassuring me about the joys, pains and pleasures of being a woman.


    • June 7, 2016 / 8:34 am

      Thank you so for sharing your tips! I think it’s beautiful that you love embracing this time of the month.
      xo, Rowan

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