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One of my goals this year is to bring blogging back. With the rise of Instagram I’ve watched as my favourite bloggers have quietly abandoned their blogs in favour of micro-blogging on Instagram. Now, I love reading long captions on Instagram as much as the next person. But it isn’t the same as flicking over to your favourite sites to see what’s new.

I used to have this folder on my chrome of bookmarked blogs I loved to read. Every weekend or when I had downtime I would scroll through those blogs and leave little comments for people I thought of as friends. I was never a huge fan of Bloglovin’ so this was my way of catching up with my favourite bloggers!

Over the weekend I started to sort out this folder and find new people to replace the inactive blogs that I used to follow. While I was searching, I found a blog post by Harriet Ash-Cutler from 2018 (!!!!) called ‘3 Bloggers Whose Homes I Love‘ that I remember reading eons ago and thought I would do my own. This way, I can refresh my memory of the wonderful work out in the world and my blog folder!

Here are some of my standouts right now:

01 | Kate Spiers, Kate La Vie

A forever fave, Kate’s Glasgow tenement flat is the stuff of dreams. With creamy white walls, beautiful chevron flooring and the largest Bird of Paradise plant I’ve ever seen outside of a botanical garden, Kate’s home is full of inspiration for everyone. Her shelf styling is so inspiring and I love how she uses little pops of colour throughout her home. I love how she’s enhanced the character of the building through her modern styling and I always look forward to reading her blog posts.

Photo credit: Kate Spiers

02 | Jenni Yolo, I Spy DIY

I’ve been following Jenni for so long! She’s constantly working on a new full on renovation and I love how excited she gets for all of her projects. Her style and colour palettes are so pleasing and I love how heavily she relies on second hand, thrifted and antique pieces to fill out her designs. She’s probably the main reason why I’m crushing so hard on forest green tones right now! I find that her style is easy to identify, but that she also pushes herself to try new things.

Photo credit: Jenni Yolo

03 | Kat, Kat at Croft Corner

Kat is one of those people that I ALWAYS check up on because I feel like we would get on well in person. I discovered her on Instagram because of her iconic yellow subway tiled bathroom from her old house and have loved her style ever since. Kat has a talent for spotting the trends (she even has a hashtag for them) and I love how she incorporates trendy items in a classic way into her home. I’m so excited to follow along as she works on her new house!

Photo credit: Kat, Kat at Craft Corner

Those are the bloggers I always check up on! It was actually quite hard to find people that still maintain a blog on top of Instagram and YouTube, but I do appreciate that they’ve kept it up.

My Honourable Mentions

As much as I will always love a good blog, I couldn’t resist adding in a few honourable mentions from other platforms as well.

Photo credit (from left to right): Alexandra Gater, Tiffany Leigh Design, Maia Lapierre
  1. Rebekah Higgs, DIY Mom: I couldn’t create a list without adding a local favourite! Rebekah is such a kind and inspiring addition to the Halifax blogging community. Her pink door is iconic at this point!
  2. Alexandra Gater: Another Canadian! I’ve been watching Alexandra’s videos since her Chatelaine days and I love all the projects she’s working on. She truly knows how to work a small budget is the queen of finding the perfect final touches.
  3. Jennifer, The House That Jen Built: Jen’s Liverpool home is both soothing and fun. Her moody living room makes me want to stray away from white and bright. I love how she uses fun pops of colour in every room!
  4. Maia Lapierre: I had the pleasure of interviewing Maia for The Coast a few months ago! Another East Coast creative, Maia loves playing with colour and is my go-to for gallery wall inspo.
  5. Tiffany, Tiffany Leigh Design: Tiffany is a Toronto-based interior designer who launched her business last year! I’ve loved watching her develop her style over the last few years. We’ve bonded over our love for Aberfoyle Antique market in Toronto! It’s my favourite place to mooch around on a summer day and I think she’d agree.

In my mind, blogs have replaced magazines in terms of finding interiors inspiration and Instagram has replaced blogs. I’m making a conscious effort to seek out new interiors and lifestyle bloggers who haven’t given this up! It’s such fun to have a little community online and I hope to see more blogging in 2020!

Big hugs,



  1. Lisa Autumn
    March 27, 2020 / 5:08 am

    OMG so much inspo! I looove everything!

    Lisa |

  2. February 23, 2020 / 3:59 pm

    I love Kate’s home, and aesthetic! I would kill for her home styling, and decor xo

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