Belated GALentine’s Day!

I love Valentine’s Day! Andddd I’m not just saying that because I’m in a happy relationship. I love it because it is so fun to show all the important people in your life how special they are to you… Especially friends and family.

University is busy. Everyone has different schedules and programmes that sometimes it is so hard to get together to have some fun! I hadn’t seen my friends from the King’s Dance Collective in SO long. I’m not able to do the show this year because of my crazy schedule, but I wanted to make sure they knew I hadn’t forgotten about them! Enter GALentine’s Day. The perfect excuse to get together, and the perfect excuse for me to go all out with the pink decorations!

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Closet Styling Tips & Tricks

Yes, I am a Virgo. I love organizing everything and making even the smallest places pretty. Take my closet for instance. I was looking on Pinterest for closet ideas and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a walk in closet. I don’t have a walk in closet, but still wanted it to be organized and pretty so I made my own rules! 

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Vanity Styling Tips & Tricks

It’s really hard to pick one single part of my bedroom that is my favourite, but I reallllly love my vanity. It’s feminine and clean and makes me feel so elegant when I get ready in the morning. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but the dresser is Hemnes from IKEA and I love it. It’s fits everything with room to spare and it looks amazing in any space. I even have a cheeky little drawer set aside for my favourite beauty products! 

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